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Stress Free Golf Swing Review

How amazing would it feel to finally have a stress free golf swing?

Just think about much more you’d enjoy the game of golf if you could:

  • Finally eliminate the complexity of your swing (that you can’t seem to master).
  • Stop thinking about a thousand different things every time you grip your club.
  • Or even stop hitting all of those embarrassing pulls, hooks, or even fat shots.

Well, if you can relate to any of those scenarios above..

Then this Stress Free Golf Swing review (and discounted program) will most likely be your perfect solution, so make sure you read all this review as I go into full detail.

Now, in an effort to perfect the golf swing…

Most golfers try way too many things and only end up making matters worse.

What you may not realize?

Is that the golf swing is actually not that hard when it’s broken down into simple movements.

Stress Free Golf Swing
Keep Reading On To Get To The Stress Free Golf Swing Review

Many golfers will tell you all about the frustrations they went through in trying to master the golf swing, and a majority of them had to learn the hard way (including me).

The good news for you is that you don’t have to go through the same frustration.

In this Stress Free Golf Swing Review…

I will explain how the director of instruction Jeff Richmond (who was inspired by Ben Hogan) breaks down the swing into simple movements which allows you to get better results.

The Modern Swing Problem

One of the most challenging things that many golfers have learned the hard way is timing.

  • Today you hit the perfect timing…
  • Tomorrow you don’t…

And before you know it?

Golfing has flicked the switch to becoming a frustrating ordeal, yet again.

Looking at the pro golfers, they seem to have mastered the swing which allows them to strike the golf ball with the perfect timing, day after day.

What you don’t know is that these golfers hit 100s of balls on a daily basis to perfect their timing.

On the other hand?

I imagine you don’t have all the time in the world to spend every day at the range hitting balls.

And even if you had that much time?

You would still be missing one extremely important ingredient: The Stress Free Golf Swing System.

Yup, it’s that powerful.

Let’s take a closer look into what it is all about.

The Stress Free Golf Swing Introduction

The system comes inspired from one of the most consistent and talented ball strikers the golfing history has ever had –Ben Hogan.

Ben knew the exact secrete on how to execute a consistently perfect swing, but he chose never to reveal it to anyone at the time. Towards the end of his career…

It’s well documented that he didn’t have to spend hours at the range trying to figure out his swing.

Instead, he used his simple yet extremely effective secret to hit the golf ball consistently.

Over and over again.

A Stress Free Golf Swing That Works

Before I perfected my swing, I thought golf was the most frustrating sports ever invented.

On the flip side, it can actually be one of the most satisfying sports once you learn the right moves.

When you’re preparing for a swing, there is this little flash of anxiety that hits you just as your club is about to make contact with the ball.

Personally, in my early days of practicing, I knew I had made the correct contact when I got the feeling of hitting an egg and that was insanely satisfying, it didn’t matter whether I hit the target or not –the fact that I made a perfect contact was an awesome start.

There used to be those frustrating days when you make contact and get that horrible vibration and you immediately know you did not hit the ball cleanly. At this point, even if the ball took a straight line, I would be exasperated knowing that the swing and the contact weren’t correct.

If you’re anything like me, when this happens, you tend to lose confidence in your swing.

stress free golf swing
Golf Is A Game That Should Be Enjoyable And Relaxing

I enjoy golfing, but that’s only if I am having a great game.

However, because of the inconsistencies in my game…

I decided that taking a private golfing training would be a good idea.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be too costly and I didn’t get the results I was expecting.

So I decided to dig a little deeper for a secret that would help me with hitting consistent golf shots…

And that’s how I landed on the Stress Free Golf Swing system.

The Stress Free Golf Swing Review

The Stress-Free Golf Swing secrete is a system developed by Jeff Richmond and inspired by Ben Hogan to help golfers:

  • Improve their golf swing.
  • Improve their ball striking technique.
  • And effectively eliminate thin and fat shots.

Jeff is a golf enthusiast and an owner of a golf blog which has over 100,000 active subscribers.

Jeff also shares his weekly Golf Gazette to many more golfers all around the world.

As part of his valuable content…

He regularly does swing analysis of pro golfers which he shares with his readers.

Some of the golfers Jeff has analyzed include:

  • Ernie Els
  • Jason Day
  • Jim Furyk
  • Nick Faldo
  • Ben Hogan
  • Gary Player
  • Adam Scott
  • Sam Snead
  • Lee Trevino
  • Tiger Woods
  • Tom Watson
  • Michelle Wie
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Phil Mickelson

And many others too.

During his research and analysis, Jeff discovered that there was something remarkably different with Ben Hogan’s golf swing compared to other professionals’ swings.

Jeff discovered the “secret” about Ben Hogan’s swing that set him aside from other pro golfers. Ben had introduced a small “anomaly” to his swing contrary to the traditional swing as we know it.

Excited about this discovery and the improvements he had made, Jeff was encouraged to find out if this experiment could work as well with other golfers.

He did this by putting together a number of videos and PDF eBook explaining the “secret” move, and named it the “Stress Free Golf Swing” program.

Jeff shared his material with some professional golfers to test this new move and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular.

All the golfers that took part in the experiment reported improvement in their golf swings and scoring averages within a short time.

Since then, thousands of golfers of all levels have benefited from this system and reported a tremendous improvement in their overall game quality.

What Does The Stress Free Golf Golf Swing System Include?

The Stress-Free Golf Swing system consists of:

  • A 123 page eBook.
  • A 2 page PDF cheat sheet.
  • And 15 online tutorial videos.

The Stress Free Golf Swing eBook welcomes you with an introduction of the program and the author, and then dives into what it calls the “simplest golf swing”.

The eBook includes the following chapters/sections.

  • The Modern-Swing Problem

As I already mentioned above… stress free golf swing ebook

Making a perfect ball strike requires a perfect swing.

And most people, including you I imagine, don’t have the time to practice every day for that perfect shot.

This section reveals to you what it takes to make the perfect move with less hassle.

  • The Secret To Timing By Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is counted among the greatest and most talented golfers of all time, and he revealed some of his swing secrets first in 1955.

The eBook section gives some background into the golfing career of Ben and uncovers more about the secret swing.

You will also get images that reveal how he methodically shifted his body and positioned himself.

If you’re determined to change your golfing performance…

Then you will find this section incredibly detailed.

  • Implementing The Hogan Secret Body Move

Learning a new move or technique in any competitive sport requires some practice.

This section shows you how to practice the Ben Hogan secret body move with your arms.

Take some time to practice the move in front of the mirror…

And couple that with timing to improve your swing.

The chapter also reveals a number of drills and hacks that will help you to adopt the right body movement.

Oh and I completely forget to mention: It is step by step (which I loved)!

  • Combining Everything

This chapter teaches you how to combine the things you’ve so far learned.

You will find illustrative pictures, infographics and a step by step guide on how to do this.

With a little focus and motivation, you should be able to perfectly execute the stress free swing secret within a relatively short time.

  • Questions & Answers

This section provides some in-depth answers to common questions about the system.

The answers give you further details into the program, giving you a deeper understanding plus some exclusive tips and hacks.

  • Conclusion

The last section summarizes the program…

Touching on the major program pillars and closes with a two-step guide.

Aside from the eBook, you also get the 15 illustrative online videos that allow you to see the key tips and techniques you just learned in action.

There’re also 11 lessons as a bonus to further help you in achieving your consistent golf swing.

Is The Stress Free Golf Golf Swing System For You?

Well, if you have trouble hitting the ball right off the club-face center and struggle with making consistent swings, then you can definitely benefit from this Golf Swing system.

Perfecting the Ben Hogan move will offer an incredibly useful remedy to some of the most common swing faults such as:

  • Pulls.
  • Hooks.
  • Fat shots.
  • Thin shots.
  • And slices.

Whether you’ve just started out in your first year of playing golf or you’ve been playing for the last 20 years, this secret move will help you to significantly lower your scores.

The Stress Free Golf Swing Book Value

The Stress Free Golf Swing Pdf provides up to 123 pages of detailed and proven instructions with plenty of illustrative pictures and videos.

It’s nothing short of a revolutionary golf swing system from the golf legend himself.

The system would normally retail for $97, but you can actually get 51% off of that price today.

Talk about an incredible value for such an informative system.

If you compare it with the $100 per hour I used to pay for my private training, you start to understand why this system is the real deal.

On top of everything, you’re covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you follow everything and you don’t notice any improvement in your ball striking within 30 days, you can ask for your back and you will get it hassle-free within 60 days.

With the 60-day-money-back guarantee, you’ve no reason why you shouldn’t give this system a try.

Pros And Cons

Here is everything that I loved about the Stress Free Golf Swing system…

Along with a couple of things that could have been slightly improved.


  • Suitable for golfers of all levels and ages.
  • The secret can be practiced anywhere at any time.
  • It will help you get consistent golf swings and results.
  • The system is incredibly easy to understand and implement.
  • It comes packed with detailed illustrations, examples and up to 15 online videos.
  • The secret move, as well as a “timing free” golf swing, can be learned pretty quickly.
  • It comes backed by a rock solid 60 day money back guarantee at a very affordable price.
  • The system is based on one secret move that’s been proven to work by 1,000s of golfers.


  • The 15 online videos are highly in-depth for one single move…
  • Which means that they might be a little overwhelming for new golfers.

Aside from that?

I believe that this system will be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Types Of Results Can You See From The Stress Free Golf Swing?

As earlier mentioned, I struggled quite a lot in my formative years as a golfer mainly with things relating to form.

I would often struggle to hit the ball cleanly due to poor contact.

  • After hitting my fair share of fat shots…
  • Thin shots…
  • Pull shots…
  • And hooks…

I decided to do some further research which landed me on the Stress Free Golf Swing secret.

After just a few days of learning and practicing Jeff’s simple system

I was able to correct most of these issues in a simple way.

It actually became obvious why and how some of this faults were regularly coming up.

Since my first encounter with this system…

I have managed to deliver more consistent ball strikes in addition to substantially lowering my average score.

stress free golf swing

Jeff Richmond definitely knows what he is talking about in this book…

And he has what it takes to break down a complex golf swing into simple, basic moves for teaching purpose.

He doesn’t promise you instant results…

But he guarantees that you will improve your ball striking technique and lower your average scores within a short.

He demonstrates that you don’t have to practice for hours each day to improve your golfing game.

So after experiencing the benefits of the system…

I thought I should do a detailed stress free golf swing review to help out my fellow golfers.

How The Stress Free Golf Swing Can Benefit You

The stress free golf swing system helps you eliminate plenty of golf swing faults that trouble even some of the professional golfers.

  • The system is pretty simple to learn and implement.

Which is why most users get good results within a relatively short time.

  • The system can also be used by golfers of all ages, physical ability, and levels.

Since many golfers don’t have the luxury of spending hours each day of the week practicing for a perfect swing move and timing, this system provides just the perfect, uncomplicated solution.

By implementing the teachings and recommendations in Jeff’s system…

You will be able to keep your scores low each round and play more competitively.

In addition to boosting your confidence, you will now go for each swing without anxiety or different swing thoughts running in your mind.


If you want to:

  1. Improve your overall golf swing…
  2. Or ultimately lower your golf scores…
  3. Or hit the ball further and straighter like the pros…

Then you should give the Stress Free Golf Swing system a try.

Simply visit this link to get taken to the secret discount page.

It’s a simple yet effective system that can really help you with your golf game.

Apart from thousands of other golfers…

I have personally put the system to test and I can confirm that it actually works very effectively.

It offers an incredible value is backed by a 60-day-money-back guarantee — no questions asked.

How To Get Access To The Stress Free Golf System?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to access the secret 51% discount page.
  2. Follow the easy instructions on the page.
  3. Get instant access today.

It’s as simple as that 🙂


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my review of Stress Free Golf Swing…

And I’m looking forward to hearing more about your improved golf swing.