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How To Hit A Golf Ball Further

There’s nothing better than the feeling of connecting with a powerful drive only to have your golf buddies pick their jaws up from the ground. For me, it’s easy to see why you’d like to know more information when it comes to how to hit a golf ball further.

Now, I have always loved golf. I watched it on TV when I was little…

And even started playing it when I was in elementary school.

It was all about having fun and hanging out with my friends, of course.

However, my competitive spirit always wanted more from the game of golf.

And I’m sure you’ve realized by now…

That watching and playing golf are absolutely two different things.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Further
Keep Reading To See How To Hit A Golf Ball Further

I remember my first golf experience, it was hilarious yet disturbing at the same time.

I promised myself that I would never give up and that I would do whatever it takes to really make my golf game shine.

So if you’ve ever felt like me when it comes to golf…

Where it feels like a roller-coaster of emotions and at many times ultra frustrating?

Please don’t.

Always remember that everything needs patience, time and practice.

So allow me to share with you what has worked for me over the years.

Here’s a few helpful tips when it comes to how to hit a golf ball further.

I know they can really help you out.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Further

First and foremost.

  • Relax And Let Your Hips Lead

Hips play a huge role when it comes to hitting a golf ball further.

Practice as much as you need, even if you don’t feel like doing it (that’s how winners think).

In fact, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to hitting a golf ball further if you don’t find your position and learn how to effectively use your hips.

Along with getting complete control of your hips, also goes hand in hand with controlling your swing speed.

By learning how to move your hips…

It will be much easier for you to generate a faster swing speed.

If you want to make to add power to your swing, strong and powerful hands are a must.

Here is a tip that can be very helpful: Apply more pressure in your last three fingers.

Try it next time.

Aside from that?

Here is another simple tip when it comes to how to hit the golf ball further.

  • Tee The Ball Up Higher

It’s going to be easier to hit the ball farther when the ball is higher up, compared to stuck deep in the ground.

And generally speaking, this is especially true for your driver and woods.

This allows you to connect at a better angle which will allow you to hit for a longer distance.

  • Change Your Ball

I know this one is pretty simple, but it flat out works.

how to hit a golf ball further

Whether you decide to go for a premium golf ball, or perhaps one with a bigger core…

That decision is ultimately going to be up to you.

Not only you will have extra yardage, but many times you can save some money too.

Here is an example of a great cost-effective golf ball for distance.

  • New Irons

If you’re going to be saving money on getting some golf balls…

Then you can use what you saved and put it into a new set of irons (or just a few new irons).

Many times we get caught using hand-me-down clubs, or clubs that are way too short…

And the fact of the matter is that many times these golf clubs are killing our game.

You shouldn’t have to be hunched over to hit a golf ball.

So make sure that you’re using irons (and woods) that are properly measured for you.

Aside from that?

Having a new set of irons can work wonders when it comes to hitting the golf ball further.

The technology behind clubs nowadays is just phenomenal.

Now, there are many more helpful tips when it comes to hitting a golf ball further.

But just think about these tips for one second.

Think about actually putting them into use and how it can really change your game.

  • How would you feel to finally be out driving all of you golf buddies?
  • How would you feel after whacking a drive a damn-near country mile?
  • How much more fun would you have when playing golf on the weekends?

And yes, it can really be that way.

As I said in the beginning…

Sometimes all it takes is just a little patience, time, and practice.

  • Be disciplined.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • And the results will surprise you.


Thanks for stopping by and expressing interest in how to hit a golf ball further.

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